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Riding in an all purpose saddle puts the rider in a protective or defensive position. The stirrup bar is farther away
from the deepest part of the seat of the saddle. This design causes your leg to be out in front of your upper body. 
By having your leg out in front of your body it makes it more difficult to fall forward off of your horse. In an all-purpose
saddle, no matter how hard you try you will not be able to put your leg under you for a proper equitation position.
Riders on all-purpose saddles generally ride with shorter stirrups. The flaps on all-purpose saddles are set farther
forward in order for your knees to not stick out off of the flaps. Riders compensate for this by leaning a bit more
forward to balance. This type of saddle usually has a round cantle, a deeper seat and knee rolls. All-purpose-saddles
are used mainly for trail riding, recreational riding, fox hunting and cross-country horseback riding. These kinds of
saddles are comfortable for long rides.
Close contact saddles are designed for classic equitation.
The body lines that determine this are: Shoulder – Hip – Heel & Knee – Toe.
What this means is that when you are seated in a saddle on a horse, you will be able to draw a straight line from your
shoulder through your hip ending at your heel. You will at the same time be able to draw a line from the front of your knee
to the tip or your toe. Close contact saddles are characterized by a square cantle, a relatively flat seat and less overall
padding. The close contact saddle’s stirrup bars are installed closer to the deepest part of the seat of the saddle to make
proper equitation possible.
Dressage saddles have the stirrup bars directly under your seat. This allows your leg to be open at the hip, almost standing
while riding. Dressage riders sit far more upright than any other English rider and need to have as much leg as possible
against their horses. The flap of the dressage saddle is straight down from the stirrup bar. This style accommodates a longer
stirrup length and a straighter leg. Deep seats, round and high cantles, as well as long flaps, characterize dressage saddles.
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