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How do I consign a saddle with Maryland Sadlery?

  • Maryland Saddlery has three consignment locations. Consignors are able to bring their saddles to any of our locations. Bring in your saddle and we will evaluate it for consignment.

What do I need to do before I bring in my saddle?

  • Saddles sell for more money if they are cleaned and conditioned. Use a good quality product to fisrt clean and then condition you saddle.
  • Do your research: Go online and see what your saddle is curently selling for used. Keep in mind condition matters.

How long is the consignment period and what do you do when it sells.

  • The saddle consignment period is for 120 days for saddles over $200.
  • Once your saddle sells you can expect to be paid sometime during the month following the sale of your saddle.

What happens if my saddle does not sell?

  • If your saddle does not sell during its initial 100 days then we will call you to discuss lowering the price to generate interest. 
  • We also have the ability to move the saddle to one of our other locations.
  • If it still doesn't see we will call you to  come pick up your saddle. 
  • Saddles are never donated without the express permission of the owner.

What is the consignor fee for a saddle.

  • If you request store credit as the method of payment: after your saddle sells the the fee split is 25% to Maryland Saddlery and 75% to the consignor.
  • If you request a check as a method of payment: after your saddle sells the the fee split is 30% to Maryland Saddlery and 70% to the consignor.

Click on link below to access Consignment Forms

Consignment Forms